Curriculum Vitae

ulivieriArchitect and urban planner, with a Honours degree in Architecture. He has been registered to the Association of Architects of Florence since 1977 (no. 1747). Since 1971, he has developed his career within the Provincial Administration of Florence, through several appointments: as Manager in charge of Local planning (1988); as Coordinator of Environmental policy and the Territory (1996), then as Manager and Coordinator of Environmental and Agricultural policy; as General Local Manager (2004); as President of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Development and the Territory (2007). From July 2009 to December 2013, he was General Manager of the Provincial Administration. In January 2016, he set up an architectural firm for the development of architectural and urban planning dealing with public and private bodies, which provided integrated planning services implemented through research and experimentation, in keeping with social, economic and environmental principles of sustainability.
As expert in urban and landscape planning, he has lectured and delivered specialized courses in Environmental and Landscape Planning and Design, and has been Teaching Fellow of Faculty of Maths, Physics, and Natural Sciences at the University of Florence.


He also holds the following position:

Member of the Board for the evaluation of technical aspects related to the make up of the “Città metropolitana fiorentina” (Florence metropolitan area)
Member of the Cartographic Standards Committee at the Department of Public Works
MED-PLAN project manager of the MED URBS European Union programme
COMET Coordinator of Infrastructures and Mobility area (Florence Metropolitan Conference)
Coordinator and planning manager of the first Spatial Plan (1998) of the province of Florence
President of the Provincial Board of the association of farming entrepreneurs and professionals
Member of a work team for the start up of strategic planning for the broadband transformation of the province of Florence
Managing director of the Arno fluvial park project, of the realization of the Arno river basin Plan in the province of Florence, and the realization of the addendum to the procedural agreement “Tratta alta velocità“ FI-BO (Florence/Bologna fast railway line)
Member of the environmental monitoring centre of the TAV (fast railway) tunnel under the city of Florence
President of the Technical Study Group of inter-municipal Guarantee Committee for the environmental impact of Peretola Airport in Florence.

He is a Member of the socio-economic and environmental monitoring centre of the new Bologna–Firenze railway line (the “variante di valico”). His planning and research activity include over 100 works (projects and published papers) and is mainly focused on architecture, urban planning, landscape and local design/planning. Furthermore, he designed the innovative “Briglie sull’Arno” (Dykes on the Arno river) project, aimed to restore 12 dykes on the Florentine stretch of the Arno (along the dams stretching from Incisa to Sant’Andrea a Rovezzano, and on to San Niccolò and Porto di Mezzo). They will be transformed into a new generation of small hydroelectric plants. He has designed the regeneration of the river Arno banks in Florence, and the plan to regenerate the Sant’Orsola complex in the San Lorenzo area, and is Project Manager of the reenhacement of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, including a restoration of the Sangallo strongholds with the introduction hanging gardens overlooking the city. Among his projects are the uses of fast railways lines for cargo transport, which would prevent traffic congestion, a guided transport system in Florence, which would rely on almost 50 per cent of the existing rails and would be connected to the national and regional railways. He has worked extensively to promote projects, research, and editorial initiatives and exhibitions on the city, its landscape and urban planning. He has been Editor of the “AD ARNUM” – Quaderni della Direzione Generale della Provincia di Firenze series, edited by Franco Angeli edizioni Milano. Formerly, he was President of the Technical Scientific Board of “Istituzione Parco Mediceo in Pratolino”, and since 2008 he is Honors Academic Architect at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. In July 2014, he became President of the Foundation of the Museum of Ceramics, Montelupo Fiorentino.